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How to make Vietnamese coffee
Authentic Vietnamese Coffee
How to make Vietnamese coffee
Authentic Vietnamese Coffee

Our Family Recipe

We follow the same traditional Vietnamese roasting recipe for over 2 decades. It’s the coffee you deserve. And when we say this is a family business, we mean every word of it. From the field of Vietnam straight to your home, we handle every process along the way to ensure that our coffee quality will never be compromised.

Our beans are firewood roasted with sea salt, avocado butter, cacao caramel (we cook down our cacao beans for 2 weeks!). Our coffee is more than just the average cup of joe. It’s an experience. Now you get to enjoy and share with your friends the authentic Vietnamese coffee tradition. 

Tasting Notes

Warm roasted cocoa, avocado butter, toasted hazelnut, and walnut. Stout, expressive, and smooth. The combination of our traditional roasting recipe adds depth, strength, and flavor to your coffee drinking experience. Our unique aroma hit you immediately as soon as you open the bag. Not only is it on the sweeter spectrum of coffee flavors, but it is also still on the stronger side. The punchy after taste is a statement! 

Our Beans

Our coffee contains 100% premium Robusta beans grown and nurtured by our family. Robusta bean contains almost 70% to 100% caffeine compared to other coffee beans like Arabica and Liberica, yet it also has more antioxidants. The Robusta bean contains much more caffeine than the typical cup of joe added to the way it’s brewed by the Phin filter. Hence, our home blend adds that extra lift to your day.   


Did you know our farm’s soil contains more vital elements such as magnesium? We get sweeter beans which means you get a richer and smoother coffee. Unlike the common rubbery, commercial-grade Robusta bean that you all dislike, our family beans are carefully cultivated by our own family. We specialized in growing premium Robusta beans for over two decades. 

Adding New Flavor To Your Life

The Vietnamese coffee is commonly known by adding condensed milk and ice (cà phê sữa đá). The extra sweetness of condensed milk balances out the richness of our blend. It’s empowering. Moreover, there are so many ways you can enjoy Vietnamese coffee. For the dark coffee lovers and the high caffeine tolerators, we dare you to simply sip it straight from the freshly brewed Phin. For those you enjoy adventures, try out the famous Vietnamese eggnog coffee or the Vietnamese coconut coffee. 


This bag will make at least 12 cups with our Phin filter size. That’s about 2 straight days of energy grown by the Vietnamese Sun. You are literally drinking the Sun.

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Megan B.
United States United States
Thank you

I have made it in a French press and as a pour over, but have not tried the phin yet. I had the coffee with half/half, which was still a bit strong, so I will need to adjust the amount of coffee. I have not had it with sweetened condensed milk yet, but I am sure that would be more suited for the strong coffee. thank you and I wish you much success!