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The Culture

More than just a cup of joe, it’s a way to appreciate the Vietnamese coffee culture while enjoying a unique coffee taste.

The Phin Filter

Influenced by the French, Vietnamese coffee is commonly known for its unique brewing method: the Phin filter. Brewing with the Phin is a statement.

The Experience

Nice and slow, setting up the filter, capturing the essence of every single drip, and choosing the right time to drink is an art in itself.


We grow, harvest, and roast traditional Vietnamese Robusta beans the same way we’ve done for over two decades. We’re proud to say that we are the only Vietnamese coffee brand who roasts Vietnamese coffee traditionally. It’s the same coffee that everyone drinks in Vietnam!

What Makes Us Different

We are a family business with direct ties to our farm and coffee roastery in Vietnam. When we say we are a family business, we mean it. Our family handles every step of the process, from growing to harvesting to roasting and to packaging. This way, our authenticity and our coffee quality will never be compromised. This makes our coffee the most authentic experience rooted firmly in tradition. 

Why You Should Carry Phin at Your Store

Amazing New Item in Your Store

Offer your customers a new way of experiencing coffee on the table.

2x Stronger Coffee

Vietnamese robusta is 2x stronger than the average cup of joe. Our coffee will ensure that you get the energy boost for a productive day.

Cultural Diversity and Authenticity

Represent the centuries-long of traditional Vietnamese making culture. It's the same coffee that millions of people drinks in Vietnam everyday.

Supporting Farmers

More than Direct-Trade or Fair-Trade, we are a family of farmers. We handle every step of the process to ensure that our coffee quality will never be compromised. Our family directly earns 6X more in the supply chain. 

Uncle Hung (in this picture) is the man who grows your coffee.

Environmentally Friendly

Made from stainless-steel, the Phin will outlast your current significant other (we tease). We believe in doing things right, the first time. By using the Phin and ditching wasteful plastics and paper, you help offset your carbon footprint, plant a tree, and promote a resourceful and clean lifestyle.