The Origins of Phin Coffee Club

The Origins of Phin Coffee Club

AUSTIN - Phin Coffee Club started out as a desire to expand a long-standing family business. “For us, family is everything. We came to America with our dreams, and without our family behind us it wouldn’t be the same” says Harvey Tong, founder of Phin Coffee Club and newly minted citizen.

“Harvey facetimes me one night during the Summer. He’s at his mother’s coffee shop in Vietnam and he starts going off on Vietnamese coffee. To be honest, I didn’t know much of it until I tried it. It made me a believer, a ‘phinatic’” Co-founder Federico (“Fed”, he insists) adds.

Harvey and Fed met their freshman year at The University of Texas at Austin. While studying economics, and government, respectively, they pursues a few forays in real estate together. So, teaming up to bootstrap an unconventional coffee company just made sense for the pair.

They typed up a brief strategy statement and called up Jessica Wu, someone Harvey had partnered on a group project for class before, knowing she had an impressive knack for design.

“Fed and I have played symphonies together in front of 1000s of people. We were in a band and played at SXSW. That friendliness and honesty is essential for me to produce actionable feedback on our roasts. Music is a lot like coffee” says David Saucedo, Barista-in-Chief, on joining the team.

In all, Phin Coffee Club is young and obsessive over not just the quality, but the experience of their coffee. “I remember when Phin was just a yellow poster board. Now half of our work space is filled with coffee ready for the world” Jessica recalls.

For $40, you can enjoy 32oz ($15 per 12oz) of Phin Coffee Club’s Home Blend. A free, sturdy Phin is included. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @phincoffeeclub, follow them on Facebook, and get your box at

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