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Mocha Hot Chocolate with the Vietnamese Coffee Twist

Mocha Hot Chocolate with the Vietnamese Coffee Twist

To all the chocolate lovers and the coffee addicts of the world, today Phin Coffee Club is presenting you the perfect drink to warm your day - Mocha Hot Chocolate. 

Winter is coming! So brace yourself with this super easy and heart-warming recipe to impress your loved ones during this holiday season. We say COFFEE IS HUMAN for a reason. The best coffee is the one being shared with friends and family. The Vietnamese coffee culture is centered around this concept. Watching the coffee drips while having a laugh about how the year is almost over already. Give this recipe a try at home and you may never need to wait in the Starbucks line for a mocha again!


Mocha Hot Chocolate


Using our Vietnamese Phin filter, this easy recipe uses just one cup and no mess. You get to enjoy the experience of watching hot coffee slowly melt down the chocolate through the traditional Vietnamese coffee brewing method. Because the traditional Vietnamese coffee blend that we follow for over two decades naturally contains the stout, expressive, and smooth tasting note. the combination makes this recipe works perfectly with our already chocolatey homeblend. Chocolate on chocolate, it's the best of both worlds! 

Simply put all the base ingredients into a cup of your choice, brew the coffee directly on top, and you're done! 


  • Add 2 squares of chocolate (Use your favorite chocolate bar. We recommend Ghiradelli Milk Caramel to enhance the sweetness already in our coffee blend)
  • Add 1 tbsp of condensed milk
  • Place the Phin filter on top
  • Add 2 tbsp of coffee ground and brew (learn how to brew Vietnamese Coffee in just 30seconds)
  • Let the coffee drip while enjoy watching the chocolate bars slowly melting
  • Stir well once the coffee is done dripping. 
  • Add 1 cup of hot milk (use frothed milk if you're feeling creative)
  • Top with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles



Check out our blogs for more monthly recipe. We're building a Phintastic community on Instagram, so go follow us there. 

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